Midea Electric

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In 1986, Midea expanded its business in Hong Kong.Initially, Midea Hong Kong focused on selling air-conditioning products and project-based sales. In 1999, Midea Hong Kong officially launched its retail sales to consumers in Hong Kong. Today, we have further expanded our business to sales of other small appliances such as: microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, sterilizing machines, induction cookers, fans, hot pots, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and refrigerators etc., and look forward to the gradual diversification of Midea’s electrical products to the Hong Kong market. In 2010, Midea won South ChinaMedia magazine’s Editor’s best recommendation award - "Best small kitchen appliances Award". And the same year, Midea also won the "Consumers’ favorite Chinese brand- Consumer Award" at Ming Pao and the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s jointly organized 201-2011 corporate brand awards. We look forward to the future where Midea will continue to progress and strive to continue steady growth and become the most complete and diverse brand of household electric appliances.