Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiries

Q. Can I email the Sands Lifestyle Service Centre with my questions?
Yes, you can send your questions about Sands Lifestyle to the Lifestyle Service Centre via email. Emails will be replied to within two business days in most cases. You can find the Sands Lifestyle customer service email address in the “Contact Us” section at the footer of the website.

Your Sands Lifestyle Account

Q. Am I able to reset my Sands Lifestyle account password on the Sands Lifestyle website?
Yes, you can log in with your card number and set up your new password. Please note that it is best to keep your Sands Lifestyle account password different from your ICBC online Banking.

Bonus Points & Merchants

Q. What is a bonus partner? And what does this mean for me as a Sands Lifestyle member?
Bonus Partners are merchants who participate within the Sands Lifestyle program offering cardholders bonus Lifestyle points when they spend with them. A detailed list of partners can be found on the website, under the Earn Points tab.

Sands Lifestyle Points Statement & Credit Card Statement

Q. Is my Sands Lifestyle points balance included on my credit card statement?
Your monthly Sands Lifestyle email statement will include a summary of your Opening and Closing Lifestyle points balance for the month.

Pay with Rewards & Points Redemption

Q. What is PwR?
Pay with Rewards™ is an innovative solution that gives cardholders the freedom to redeem rewards points at the point of sale of all eligible partners.

Q. How do I redeem my Sands Lifestyle points?
Pay with Rewards™ is a simple and effective single card solution. Sands Lifestyle cardholders will use their existing ICBC Sands Lifestyle Mastercard cards to redeem points at any eligible point of sale. Prior to the purchase, a cardholder must configure the Pay with Rewards™ functionality via their account online or mobile application to indicate when points should be used for a qualifying transaction. For a detailed guide on the Pay with Rewards mobile APP, please click here.

Q. Is there a simple way that I can calculate how many Sands Lifestyle points I can convert to spend?
Yes. A conversion calculator in the Pay with Rewards mobile APP as part of the Pay with Rewards function allows you to enter the number of Lifestyle points you wish to convert to spend or the amount of points that you require.

Q. How do I check my Sands Lifestyle Program point balance status?
Point balance appears the home page once you have logged into your Sands Lifestyle account.

Q. Where can I redeem my Sands Lifestyle points?
Currently you can redeem Sands Lifestyle points via Pay with Rewards™ across all the assets within Sands Resorts in Macao.

Q. How many days will it take to have points uploaded to PwR?
Lifestyle points will be uploaded within 4-10 business days to your account. Once these points are in your account, they are ready for redemption.

Q. How do I receive redemption notifications?
When points are redeemed, a notification will be sent to your phone, provided you have enabled notification within the Pay with Rewards™ app.

Q. What is the validity for Sands Lifestyle points?
Sands Lifestyle points are valid for up to 3 years.

Q. How do I log into my account if forgot my password?
You may click the forget password link to reset your profile and set the password again. For further assistance please contact the Sands Lifestyle team.

Q. Can I add another card to my PwR app?
Yes. You can add another registered ICBC Sands Lifestyle Mastercard card to your Pay with Rewards™ app at any time. Just tap the card stack in the top right hand corner, select add new card and then tap to add another card. Enter card number and answer security question. The new card will be available in the card stack screen after the security verification has been completed successfully.

Q. Can I make a redemption without the PwR app?
The Pay with Rewards™ app is only for you to configure your Pay with Rewards™ setting (enable/disable Pay with Rewards™ and/or change notification setting). You do not need the app to make a Pay with Rewards™ redemption. The settings can be changed online as well, you need to log into your Sands Lifestyle account and under PwR you can turn on or off your configuration. After that, just make a purchase to redeem your Sands Lifestyle points at any merchant outlets within Sands Resorts in Macao.

Q. How do I use the PwR app?
The Pay with Rewards™ app has multiple tabs to make your loyalty redemption easier than ever!
Promotion tab: You can find out all the latest Pay with Rewards™ redemption offer under this tab. Select a promotion and receive a popup with additional details.
Activity tab: You can check recent notifications for your eligible Pay with Rewards™ purchases. You will find notifications for those eligible transactions made when you forgot to enable Pay with Rewards™. You may contact the Sands Lifestyle call center within 24 hours of the purchase to redeem your points.
Setting tab: You can turn Pay with Rewards™ on or off, configure the notification setting.
Reward Calculator: This allows you to determine how many points are needed for a given purchase amount.

Please click HERE for a detailed guide on the Pay with Rewards APP.